Working at Codelogic Morocco means working for a growing international organization. We may be in other parts of the world, but our connection is strong. We value team spirit and equal treatment. At the moment we are looking for:



Codelogic Morocco offers a great working environment. Management is attentive to our needs and offers a lot of opportunities to grow professionally. The colleagues are friendly and always available to help.

For what I provide to the company, I am regarded and valued. I value the freedom to attend to personal matters, if necessary, as well as the encouragement to come up with my own ideas and contribute to the team.

Youssef Aourarh, UX/UI designer

I love working at Codelogic because we have a supportive manager, and a talented team, helping each other, with one team spirit. 

At Codelogic we have a freedom to develop ourselves and Codelogic believes you must constantly challenge yourself.  

Amal Zizouni, Codelogic

Working at Codelogic is always amazing with our co-workers. If you do your best and work hard you’ll love working at Codelogic!

Chaimaa Belahsen, Quality Assurance Engineer
We pleasure what we do!

I really like working at Codelogic because we have fun and at the same time we work hard.

Yassine Killich, Developer